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Search Engines Don't Have Taste

To avoid being stuck in games of semantics, I'll clarify that I think that they don't have good taste. What is taste? Taste is a set of preferences. I prefer running to rowing, for instance. Taste is, by definition, personal. I have my own tastes and you have yours. What is good taste? This is where it gets tricky. My best definition is: preferences that identify and maximize inherent quality. Here we get into murky waters in an attempt to define Quality or "good design." I'll leave that up to the reader. For now, we'll use the description: "you know it when you see it."

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Why You're In An Echo Chamber

I’ve recently noticed that despite my best efforts, I’m fed the same content from the same people at the same cadence. It’s an echo chamber that is hard to escape. I thought about how to break out of this loop and came up with the following mental model and solution.

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